quarta-feira, 24 de outubro de 2012

No Nostalgia

Este blog já estava a precisar de ser renovado! Agora tenho a minha pequena casa arrumada com um layout diferente e inspirador. Agora sim! :)

Hoje o que oiço é isto. O que sinto é isto. Tudo se resume a estas palavras.

When I walk, there will be no
Speculation, no act to follow.
And my words, they will be strong.
Find your way. Feel free to come.
Now our doubts, they will be cast.
No nostalgia, no point of reference.
Nothing wrong, and no looking back.
Nowadays the truth is every breath you breathe.
Só, I'll make the time if you can make believe
We're living in a fortress, safe from the madness
Keeping every promise.
When I walk, there will be no
Hesitation, no pill to swallow.
And my stride sure will be long.
Choose your side, feel free to come
I'll be the bottles on the beaches
You be the waves that wash them all ashore.
We'll make the most of every message,
Keep a careful eye for ever after on and on
Until we know for sure...
We're living in a fortress, safe from the madness,
Keeping every promise.

AgesandAges - No Nostalgia